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Fresh Cut Flower Tips…

Display flowers in a cool spot

Most flowers prefer temperatures between (18 to 22 Degrees Celsius) and are best displayed away from direct sunlight, heating or cooling vents, directly under ceiling fans, or on top of televisions or radiators, which give off heat and can cause flowers to dehydrate. Avoid placing fresh flowers near ripening fruit, which releases tiny amounts of ethylene gas that can age them prematurely.

Change the water, and add additional fresh flower food

Make sure you clean the vase before refilling it with room-temperature water mixed with the proper amount of fresh flower food. Be sure no debris is floating in the water (such as leaves and stem parts) as this could promote the growth of bacteria which can shorten fresh cut flower’s life.

A packet of flower food is typically included with your fresh cut flowers, it is basically sugar that helps keep the bacteria count in the water low. An aspirin, (but not ibuprofen), works just as well. Aspirin will help to prolong the life of the flowers. Just be sure to cut about an inch off of the stem of the flowers each day.

Flowers Delivered UK

Flower Delivery UK Interflora

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For flowers-delivered-uk visit Interflora

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Interflora are one of the world’s most recognised brands.

“8 out of 10 people think of us when wondering who to trust to deliver good wishes on their behalf”

“Since 2005 we’ve raised hundreds of thousands of pounds for Breast Cancer Care. We are also continuing to support British farmers and good causes such as Fairtrade”

“As we celebrate our 90th birthday, we’ve freshened things up with a new look. Our distinctive black and gold Mercury logo celebrates where we’ve come from, but looks to the future too”

Today Interflora UK network includes more than 1,500 expert florists across the UK and Ireland – each one with their own history and unique story to tell.

Every day, an Interflora florists uses their creative skills and personal touch to create the most beautiful floral gifts.

Interflora Flower Delivery London offer an exciting and fresh new selection of floral gifts for every special occasion and every season too. From contemporary chic to classic favourites, as well as unique creations via the Designed to Order service, their florists create perfect bouquets every day.

As well as being the largest, they are the longest serving flower delivery network too. For 90 years they have enjoyed a reputation for excellence. Used throughout the ages their Mercury Man emblem is recognised worldwide as a symbol of swift and timely delivery and the very best quality floral gifts.

Every bouquet ordered from Interflora is prepared with care and hand-delivered as promised. And with their international network of florists, a special bouquet can be handmade and delivered almost anywhere in the world in just a few hours.

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Top Tips From Interflora Expert Florists

  • Always use sharp scissors to trim the stems of your flowers. Blunt blades can damage the cells in the stem, making the flowers less able to absorb water and subsequently shorten their vase life.
  • Always keep the water level topped up in between feeds to promote long lasting flowers.
  • Most flowers are best displayed away from direct sunlight, heating or cooling vents. You should also avoid placing cut flowers near ripening fruit, especially bananas, as these emit small amounts of ethylene gas that can cause flowers to deteriorate quickly.
  • After you have disposed of your flowers, wash the vase out thoroughly using hot, soapy water to kill any lingering bacteria.

**Please note**
Some flowers can be harmful if consumed. Lilies in particular can be extremely toxic to cats. Care should be taken to keep all flowers and foliage out of the reach of children and pets.

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UK Florist Delivered Products

Interflora’s extensive network of local florists means they can offer flexible delivery options to suit your needs.

These orders will be created and personally delivered by the florist.

The delivery options are as follows :-

Same Day Delivery (Monday – Saturday)
Place your order before 3pm, and it will be delivered by 6pm that day.

Same Day Express Delivery (Monday – Saturday)
Place your order from 8am to 2pm, and it will be delivered within 3 hours.

Next Day Flower Delivery (Sunday – Friday)
Place your order before midnight for delivery by 6pm the next day.

Next Day Flowers AM Delivery (Sunday – Friday)
Place your order before midnight for delivery the following morning, from 9am to midday.

Next Day Flowers PM Delivery (Sunday – Friday)
Place your order before midnight for delivery the following afternoon, from midday to 6pm.

At peak times the same day, next day, am / pm and 3 hour delivery services may not be available in all areas.

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UK Courier Delivered Flowers & Gifts

Interflora offer a fantastic range of flowers, plants and gifts that are delivered by specially selected couriers. Delivery of your couriered floral gift may occur any time during normal working hours of 7am to 7pm. The exact delivery time during these hours cannot be guaranteed. If you would like to order a product for delivery on the same day, or with morning or afternoon options, then Interflora recommend you order from their Florist Delivered floral collection.

Flowers Delivered London

The delivery options according to each range are as follows :-

Flowers and Plants from £19.99
Bouquets within this range are Next Day Delivery, place your order before 6pm.
“Simply” flowers with this range are Next Day Delivery, place your order before 2pm.

Free Delivery Flowers
Flowers Next Day Delivery, place your order before 6pm

Food and Drink Gifts
Place your order before 2pm for Next Day delivery

Next Day Delivery, place your order before 5pm

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